Thinking about changing roles? 


We understand just how stressful this can be and how important it is to ensure you only move for the RIGHT role.  After all, it's not 'just a job' but YOUR career!


We are here to guide you all the way through from start to finish.  At Boutique Legal Recruitment, we make your life and the whole process easier. 


We are open, honest, passionate, personable and breathe integrity in all that we do.  After all, these are the foundations we have built our successful business upon.

If you are looking for a support role in the legal sector, looking for an opportunity to improve work-life-balance, or would just like a change, partner with us.


Together we will discuss your goals, skills and experience, we will explore opportunities present and potential opportunities down the track.   Our caring and professional team each individually understand that your career is precious and that changing jobs is a massive undertaking. 


Our commitment to you is that we will treat every candidate with the utmost respect, maintaining confidentiality - without exception - and we will be supportive through the recruitment process.


We would love to partner with you and help find your DREAM role so look forward to hearing from you.  If you are ready to take the next critical step on your career path, please call one of our team for a friendly, honest and confidential discussion. 

E: maria@boutiquelegalrecruitment.com.au

T: 07 3210 1446