• Alice Darwin

The bright side of lockdown

As Brisbane enters its fifth lockdown since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, it becomes important now more than ever to look for the silver lining and do all we can to uplift ourselves and those around us.

In times like this, it is so easy to become upset, angry and pass the blame onto others. Yes, it can become frustrating and a little disappointing at times to have cancelled plans, be physically isolated and wear a mask. However, all we can do in these times is stay home and protect ourselves and do our very best to remain positive in the process.

Use this time to wind down and relax

This is one of the very few occasions you will likely have in life where you have an excess of free time, and no idea what to do with it! Use this time to take a couple steps back from reality and take time for yourself. Watch that TV series you’ve always wanted to watch, channel your inner Gordon Ramsey and learn a new recipe, take up painting, clean the house, or simply, catch up on much-needed sleep. However you choose to spend this free time is completely and utterly up to you, so enjoy it!

Cherish quality time with loved ones

Make the most of being locked in doors with your loved ones – whether this be your family, partner, housemates, or friends. Take the opportunity to learn new things about each other and create new memories. Find the value in the relationships you have and be grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people. Check in with your fellow loved ones in isolation and encourage them to stay positive. Use the opportunity to reach out to an old friend and see how they are doing. If there’s one thing Covid has done well, it is providing people with the opportunity and the platform to connect with one another.

Take advantage of the new possibilities in the world of work

Covid has well and truly revolutionised the way we work. Technology has transformed quickly and dramatically and has opened a number of doors. Firms have become much more flexible and agile, and employees welcome the benefits. Although not many people want to work at home for several weeks back-to-back (understandably), thanks to Covid lockdowns, many workers now have the option to work flexibly a couple of days a week when they are not locked down. This would not be possible if it weren’t for Covid.

The Earth thanks us for it

And… if you aren’t sold on any of our last points, at least you can rest assured that we’re helping the planet. The lack of cars commuting to and from work has resulted in lower Carbon emissions released into the environment. As well, workers are saving time and money on canning their would-be-commute.

In essence, we understand that lockdown can be a scary and unwelcome thing, and that it’s different for everyone, but we should try and make the most of this time at home and appreciate the things we do have. Take the time to step back and look at what we do have and what we can be thankful for. Always remember, reach out if you are struggling and never suffer in silence.

Here at BLR, we pride ourselves for always putting YOU first, whether you are a client, candidate, or colleague, and at this time, it is no different. We don’t have to be working with you directly to be there to help you in any way we can. Now, more than ever, we want to let you know that should you be feeling lonely or just want to chat, please please reach out.


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