Let's talk HONESTLY!

There is no question that we have all been affected by Covid-19 (some more than others). Businesses have been greatly impacted, some industries have been turned upside down, family dynamics have changed, individuals have lost their jobs or lives and many have suffered mentally with all of the sudden changes and having limited control over these.

Most law firms have implemented recruitment freezes as they navigate through these unprecedented times and most work from home.

We are working with exceptional candidates (some of whom are no longer working due to cuts and are unfortunately not entitled to any of the government Job-Keeper or Job-Seeker payments) and unfortunately at this stage, all we can do is keep in regular contact with them and continue to encourage them and let them know that we are there for them, always available for a chat and that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve conducted references, written reports and are ‘ready to rock’ as soon as the freezes have been lifted.

As passionate Consultants who genuinely love what we do and love helping people, this has been difficult to navigate through as we have felt a bit helpless. The buzz you get from helping someone in a difficult situation or in an unhappy role find a happy and fulfilling position in a supportive organisation is like no other.

Last week, we were able to assist a candidate into a new role, an Office Manager position in fact which was a dream of hers (and quite hard to come by in law firms now). We were briefed on Thursday, she interviewed Friday and started Monday! We can’t tell you how amazing it felt to be able to help both the candidate and client!

We have always prided ourselves on our relationships with both our clients and our candidates and at this point in time, these are more significant than ever. We want our candidates and clients to know that we are there for them, even though we may not be placing them into a new role or filling a role for them – it’s never just been about that for us.

We don’t know exactly when there will be more positions available and this is something, we are completely transparent about however, we are feeling optimistic. Whilst we want to ensure our candidates are encouraged and motivated, we certainly don’t want to give any false hope of specific timing for opportunities because the fact is no one really has the answer at this stage. Honestly and transparency has always been how we operate.

Just before Covid-19 really took effect, we were able to place some candidates into new roles who started once their new firms were working from home. They were able to start their new roles completely virtually. Meeting the rest of their team via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, having handovers via Microsoft Teams and the feedback from all parties involved is that the process has been very impressive and streamlined. Law firms have adapted quickly to the new norm and it excites us that once we are through this it may change the way they operate. Hopefully, more flexible working arrangements, or working from home will be offered across the board. Because even in the midst of a pandemic they have seen that it is possible to be productive from home.

We are so grateful to our clients for their continued support. We know that once firms are in a position to recruit again, we will be able to assist with some stellar candidates who will go above and beyond, and we are so excited for this!



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