Copy of 5 Reasons to Use a Recruiter - for Employers

Some employers think they are are better to source and engage their own staff (especially when there is a fee involved). In fact, a lot of the time, an employer would do well to engage the services of a good recruiter - as many of our clients will tell you!!

Here are 5 reasons you should consider using a recruiter to find your next amazing team member

  1. Access to top talent and to be able to hire people they cannot find on their own - recruiters are experts on human capital. We weed out the cream of the crop

  2. Time saving - good recruiters act as soon as we have the job briefing, allowing a client to get on with their other work. We also do all the pre-screening and shortliting for you allowing only the best for you to consider

  3. Existing candidate relationships - in some instances, a good recruiter will already have amazing candidates on their books and may be able to submit someone without the need to go to market

  4. Pre-prep of candidates - a good recruiter takes the time to ensure the candidate is fully prepared for the interview meaning there's no wasting-of-anyone's time and a smooth and easy transaction for everyone

  5. Cost-effective - whilst a client does pay a fee for the service, it actually ends up being more cost-effective due to the special rates afforded to package advertising and freeing up of time means the hourly rate of the client being utilised on other tasks. In some instances, ongoing terms allows for fee negotiation too.

If you're in two minds as to whether a recruiter can be of benefit, give us a buzz and we’re happy to walk through the process with you. One call could change the way you secure talent and see your business thrive!

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