Change your Attitude. Change Your Life. Live in Opportunity and Positivity


We came across this article on LinkedIn a couple of months ago and think it's a message we want to share, regardless of the job or industry you're in. You may not be in Aged Care or operate in a franchise but this ethos applies to all areas of life....not just business. Attitude is everything!

There are so many things to worry about, so many reasons to not be happy and satisfied with our current situation. Ever wonder why some people successfully navigate through life and reach higher levels of opportunity, and some people with the same or even better skill sets fall flat on their face?

Well, its about attitude, being a Franchisor of a Senior Care Franchise System, an industry that although is incredibly lucrative, has its challenges, I have experienced the pendulum swings between a successful business owner, and one that has a slow "ramp up" and an even harder growth trajectory, and its all Attitude.

"If You Aim at Nothing, You will hit it every time" Zig Ziglar

I have found that a positive attitude has more to do with Senior Care Agency Success that actual skill set or even Home Care knowledge.

Many people go into a Franchise Business thinking; because it is already there for you, your cutomer base is built in, In Senior Care, that is not at all the truth! Meeting people, Net working, and Marketing to other professionals is imperative to gain traction in your Territory and create the Brand Awareness that generates referrals and ultimately financial success. A Negative attitude can be seen from a mile away, and meeting people an creating relationships becomes impossible if you stay behind your desk hoping someone else will do the work, and blaming others for your lack of growth, Aiming at Nothing..and hitting it Every time...

Change your outlook, Our San Diego North County Franchise was just bought by an amazing individual Neelam, does she know anything about home care? Nope, has she run a business? Nope. Guess what? She is quickly rising to the ranks of our oldest and most successful system, you know what the two systems have in common? A big smile and a heart full of gratitude for the opportunity and the ability to change the lives of Seniors and their families.

Growing and Learning is the lifeblood of any Successful Business Owner, and especially the Senior Care service industry where you change so many lives, both by providing rewarding work, and keeping our amazing seniors in thier home and independent. Change your Attitude ~ Change your life, no matter what you do, you will always fail if you lead with negativity, and low expectations of yourself. Be grateful, understand that your success is up to you, and rise to meet the challenge, and you will Hit it every time!

Written by Lia Smith ~ A Better Solution Franchise CEO & Author of; "The Home Care Bible"& "Aging With Dignity"


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